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Christmas Gifts For Men (That They’ll Actually Use Everyday)

Dec 15, 2017

 Boys and their toys….As it can be tough (or near impossible) to shop for the men in your life, we wanted to help you out this holiday season by featuring some of our top picks to go under the tree or stuff those stockings for Christmas 2017.


Stocking Stuffers (Gifts Under $70)

christmas gifts men blue headphones


Holiday Highlights: The Best Sound Systems For Under $500

Nov 24, 2017

 Struggling to choose the best gift for your friends and family as the holidays approach? Then why not give them something they can enjoy throughout the year? No matter their interests or tastes, they’re sure to appreciate a new home audio system. From watching movies to playing video games to


Advanced Audio: How Dolby Atmos Brings Surround Sound To New Heights

Nov 14, 2017

 Sound is nothing if not complex. In any given scene of a movie, concert, or game, there are dozens of different sounds happening simultaneously, each of which contributes to the overall quality of the audio. Surround sound systems seek to include each of these contributing sounds for a rich


Kanto YU4 Powered Speakers Review

Oct 26, 2017

 Recently we had the chance to review the new Kanto YU4 Powered Bookshelf Speakers. Boasting a wide variety of connection options, with the promise of crystal clear Hi Fi Audio, we were excited to hook these up and give them a try!


The Kanto YU4’s utilize 4” Kevlar


Using a 4K TV As A Computer Monitor

Sep 29, 2017

In the past, TV’s and computer monitors were quite different. Traditionally TV’s were built to handle an analog signals, from things like antennas and coaxial inputs, whereas computers relied on their trusty VGA ports. Today however TV’s receive their video through the same HDMI ports used on


TV Mounts | Which Bracket Are YOU?

Aug 25, 2017

 You bought a new TV, it’s Super-Duper thin and you are a tasteful and classy soul, so you want to archive the best presentation by hanging that beast. How much do you know about brackets and mounts?

Probably not much... We understand, in a room full of AV, a mounting hardware is hardly


Soundbars VS. Sound Projectors

Jul 31, 2017
...And The Elusive Music Bar
Have you noticed how thin TV’s have gotten? When it comes to picture, the future is now! The unexpected side effect is that sound hasn’t been able to stick to the diet. Skinny TV’s created a need for sleek Soundbars. That big ol’ tube TV had plenty of space


Jun 23, 2017

Is everyone enjoying the age of screens? Everything has a screen and every screen is different technology. Is it Touch, OLED, Retina, IPS? Do you know what it all means? Which is best?


Let’s take a look at the leading standards for your TV. You are on your own for your bazillion other


Marley Stir It Up (turntable)

Jun 14, 2017

There’s no denying that vinyl has had resurgence in the past few years. There’s something magical about those big black disks silently spinning while your speakers buck and kick.


Unfortunately between vinyl’s previous hurrah and the hipster revival most of the turntable manufacturers


Audioquest: NightOwl

May 23, 2017

A little over a year ago I crowned Audioquest’s semi-open-back NightHawks the most comfortable pair of headphones EVER. In a way, they have returned as champions for 2017. Only, this pair is called the NightOwl and they are quite a bit different in every way but shape and comfort.




Control 4... Everything?

Apr 26, 2017

We specialize in custom home automation… Queue the glazed over expressions. Few people really know what that means. Even our installers struggle to explain home automation because no two systems are alike. So let’s start smaller.


Whose systems do we prefer for home automation or


Sonos 2017

Mar 24, 2017

‘VERSATILE’; this word is the reason SONOS is dominating the audio market.


Before Sonos you had to pick your poison when it came to sound. You could have whole home, 2-channel, home theatre, sound bars and a million more options. BUT you had to pick one, maybe two, functions at best.